Little bit about Maple Condominiums

Maple Properties (formerly Maple Realty), the owners and leading consultant of Maple Condominiums, involves in planning, marketing and development of Real Estate projects like Malls, Office Buildings, Apartments and Condominiums.

The management team of Maple Properties is replete with ?Revolutionary Ideas? headed by Syed Naveed Hassan, Chief Executive, who earned a name as real estate specialist in North America as well as in Pakistan. The idea of Maple Condominiums is the transformation of a dream to develop an exotic style exclusive residential building in Lahore. The competence of Maple Properties backed by M/s Babur Associates, the architectural backbone of the project and a renowned engineering firm, M/s Atiq Associates, are providing unmatched technical support in development of Maple Condominiums.

Vision & Mission

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  • Guidance to people with intellectual honesty and integrity
  • Maintain Professional competence and positive attitude
  • Investment in work to the extent of commitment
  • We believe our customers are not only a source of revenue to us but are ambassadors and life blood of our company
  • For customer satisfaction, we go that extra mile every time to build a rock solid relationship
  • To serve customers in the most diligent manner with a sense of purpose
  • Our mission in Maple Realty is to develop a systematic way of materializing real estate projects to protect people from unforeseen scams.